New in Christ: Fundamentals of Gospel Faith & Discipleship

Spirit Stained Glass

In our current series we are stepping back to consider Fundamentals of Gospel Faith & Discipleship, with particular focus on devotion and new creation. Jesus is the substance of the gospel. The Gospel is Jesus. Jesus making all things new, and in our union with him, we are made new: newly forgiven, newly alive in him, newly filled with his Spirit, new hearts, new loves, newly able to follow and grow into his likeness…new creations.

This summer we surveyed and jumped around for a bit, and now we are moving through the argument of Romans, without necessarily taking every chapter verse by verse. More than teasing out the depth of every verse, we want to get a flow of Paul’s thought in preaching the full-orbed nature of the gospel to us. Man of us, like the early Roman christians, have already entrusted ourselves to Christ and benefit from being drawn in closer and more deeply as we explore the many ways Christ’s redemption takes hold of us, liberates, and remakes us. And for those asking questions of faith and following, this is a good place to start. How does Christ accomplish his redemptive mission? How does he go about making all things new?

Our current pace is roughly one chapter’s thrust/content each week, but as we go, we may take little excursions here or there in the Old Testament to get better context for the ways God has always intended and promised the blessings we now enjoy in Christ. 

Spirit & Truth

This summer, we began the preamble to our new sermon series. Through the fall, we will consider how Christ takes hold of all that we are with all of who he is. How does Christ take hold of our hearts and our lives, to remake us to be like himself? What does he mean when he says, "Behold I make all things new," and how does he accomplish these things in and for us?

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Our adult Sunday School classes will be reading through James Smith's You Are What You Love (read more here), and as a congregation we will give attention and prayer to the practices of discipleship that Jesus has given his church.

Prophet, Priest, & King

ProphetPriestKing_Stained Glass.jpg

Christ is our prophet, priest and king, and in him we are given ministry like his. And so, we belong to the world to serve those around us. In our current series we want to learn with new depth in practice: lamenting and declaring with gentleness, praying with compassion, and leading with sacrifice. 

Prophet: through the season of Lent, we are contemplating Lamentations.

Priest: during Easter, we are spending time on our call to priesthood in Malachi.

King: following Pentecost Sunday, we will reflect on kingship from 1 Samuel and Gospel accounts.