Children's Ministry


We value children as important members of our church community, and our desire is to support their spiritual health and growth, and their ability to participate in corporate worship, in developmentally appropriate ways.

We STRONGLY encourage you to interact with your kids about the worship service. The ride home is prime discipleship time with your kids! Encourage them to ask questions, and use the order of worship throughout the week to practice the songs at home, talk about the sermon and announcements, and pray for people that you met at church. Embrace your parental role as your kids' primary spiritual teacher and model.

For children who participate in the classes we offer, our aims are to help them become aware of their own relationship with the Lord and to teach them a variety of foundational truths of the Christian faith. By allowing them to begin engaging in activities such as prayer, singing, listening, and learning, we help prepare them to participate in Sunday worship services with the congregation. 

We want our children to:


Be aware of Christ's centrality in every part of the Bible, and that He is the focal point of the entire redemptive story.

Learn that the message of the Bible and Christ's work is relevant and connected to the children's individual everyday lives. 

Understand the overall story arc of the Bible - creation, fall, redemption, and future glory.

Be familiar with the major characters and stories of the Bible, and important Christian doctrines, including:

Old Testament: Creation, Babel, Flood/Noah, Lives of the Patriarchs, Moses and the Exodus, the Wilderness Journey, Joshua/Judges – entering the Promised Land, Saul and David, From Kingdom to Exile, Major Themes from the Prophets, Rebuilding of the Temple and Return to the Promised Land, Waiting for the Messiah 

New Testament: Birth of Christ, Baptism, Temptation, Jesus' Ministry – power over demons, power over nature, power over sickness and death, Jesus' Teachings, Transfiguration, Last Supper and Betrayal, Trial, Death and Burial, Resurrection, Ascension, Early Church

Key Teachings of the Bible and the Christian Faith:

  • 10 ‘Commandments' 
  • Well-known Psalms (1, 2, 19, 23, 51, 90, 110, 119, etc.) 
  • The Lord's Prayer 
  • The Beatitudes 
  • The Apostle's Creed 
  • Baptism and the Lord's Supper
  • Children's Catechism

A helpful way to help your children begin to understand what Scripture teaches on different topics is to expose them to the Children's Catechism (below). This is not a replacement for learning Scripture, but a way of summarizing what we believe the Bible teaches. 

Children's Catechism 

Children's Ministries Policy Packet

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Click to access

Here is Hope’s Nursery Commitments and Expectations and Child Protection Policy & Volunteer Information Packet. In it you will find a quick delineation of duties for Nursery specifically, followed by our church’s general procedures and policies for all of our children’s ministries. Because, this packet includes personal contact info for some of our members, you will be redirected to a password protected page.