Hope Kids

Our children's ministry exists to lead our little ones to worship and serve God by connecting them to Jesus Christ and to the church. At Hope, we believe the faith of our children is a powerful tool by which Jesus extends His grace and glory to the world. Our aim is threefold:


To equip and encourage parents and children to grow together in the Christian faith


To nurture Biblical knowledge and vital faith in our children


To include our children as integral participants in the congregation

Children of any age who are able and willing are welcome to remain with their parents and participate in the entire Sunday worship service.  More information about our children's ministry can be found here.



Babies who are not yet ready to go to the nursery may stay in worship with their parents. The last few rows of the sanctuary are reserved for parents with kids, and the foyer located behind the sanctuary is available for soothing and feeding infants and young children. Nursing mothers are encouraged to do so freely wherever they are most comfortable. Additionally, the foyer and the nursery both have seating available and diaper changing areas.



2 months to 24 months.  We offer a room for babies and toddlers to play during the duration of our Sunday service. The nursery is open 15-minutes prior to the service.   




2 years to 5 years. These children are encouraged to participate in the first part of gathered worship and are dismissed before the sermon. This class is staffed by church volunteers who lead the children in singing, prayer, a lesson, snack and craft during the remainder of the Sunday service.  


Rock Badgers

1st grade to 3rd grade.   This class is taught by church volunteers using a curriculum based on the Jesus Storybook Bible. The class is taught after the worship service.




3rd grade to 6th grade.  This class, taught by church volunteers, uses a robust curriculum that emphasizes learning and applying Scripture, with a focus on Jesus Christ as the center of the Bible’s message. The class is taught after the worship service.