More from Shack, and Ways to Support Her During her Home Leave

Dear Hope friends,

Shack in the Field.png

It's official! I just bought my tickets to the US for my upcoming home leave. In some ways it's hard to believe I've already been overseas for 4.5 years, but I'm also feeling that this chance to take some rest and reconnect with friends and family is timely. 

My current plan is to spend May 2019 - January 2020 in the US.  I'll be spending a good portion of that time resting, reflecting, and getting reacquainted with my homeland. I'll also spend some time teaching a linguistics course and doing other small service projects for my organization.

Here is my tentative schedule:

May: Joseph, Oregon (R&R!)

June-July: North Dakota (TAing for Survey course)

Aug-Oct: Oregon + travels

Oct - Nov: Travels

Nov-Jan: LA + travels

I'm hoping to spend 6-8 weeks in Oregon, and I am looking forward to getting to spend time with many of you! 

Here are a few ways that you can support me during my home leave:

  • Help and encourage me as I blunder through reverse culture adjustment!

  • Encourage me to rest :)

  • THIS NEED ALREADY MET! - Help me procure a vehicle that I can use in Oregon and potentially drive down to Los Angeles. (that could mean lending me a car or helping me find and buy a car that I would then sell before heading back overseas)

  • THIS NEED ALREADY MET! - Help me find a place to stay. I'll need a home while I'm in Oregon, and the more stable the better. I'd be happy to rent a space or earn my keep through washing lots of dishes!

  • THIS NEED ALREADY MET! - Let me use your address! I'm trying to keep my Oregon resident status, and the last address I was using is no longer viable. Would anyone be willing to field my mail?

You might be wondering, "Are you planning to return to South Asia after your home leave?" That's a great question! I love my job and my community here, and this place has become a home to me. During my time in the US, I'll take time to reflect, pray, and consult with others about the best path forward.

These last months before my home leave are quite busy, and I'm feeling stressed about fitting in all the work I need to get done! Please pray for my working abilities, and that I would have a healthy balance of rest and enjoying my friends here before I go.