Message from Shack - Upcoming Time in the States

I’ve been living in South Asia for over four years now, and time sure has flown! It’s been a privilege and a joy to learn a new language and culture, work with friends from South Asia and around the world, travel to remote areas of the country, grow in my understanding of linguistics and research, and see the real impact of my team’s efforts.

 I’m a member of a local branch of an organization that works with Wycliffe Bible Translators to do Bible translation and language development. My job is language assessment (also known as survey), a branch of linguistic field research. 

It might be hard to imagine exactly what I do, as linguistics is not a common profession. A few times per year I travel to remote areas of the country to gather information about minority languages spoken there. The rest of the time I live in the capital city. I work from an office analyzing data, writing reports, connecting with the national university, and helping my colleagues with their projects.

The information my team and I gather lays the groundwork and informs decisions about translation and literacy programs supported by my organization. Our work also adds to the international body of academic knowledge, and informs the government and others of the needs and resources in each language community.

I have been so grateful for the love and support of Hope throughout my time here! Living overseas can be difficult, and knowing that the folks back home want to stay connected and understand my life is incredibly encouraging. If you would like to support and encourage me, send me an email or a message, follow me on Facebook or Instagram, read my email updates, and listen to my podcast!

I'm looking forward to reconnecting with you, my community, this year during my home leave!