Camping Trip August 15-17

Join us August 15-17 for our yearly camping trip! Single spots are $10, families $20. We will be at Deschutes River State Recreation Area, located off I-84, just about 20-30 east of The Dalles. Biking, hiking and fishing are just some of the available activities. For more details on amenities and available activities check out the park's page at the Oregon State Park website. Sunday Worship that weekend will be held at the recreation area at 9am. Hope to see you there!    

The Temptations of Christ


"Temptation is the sacrament of confirmation brought to every baptized person, and this not accidentally but by divine arrangement."  - Frederick Dale Bruner

Matthew 4 tells the story of Jesus' early ministry, when He underwent trials and temptations in the wilderness to turn away from God's will. But will that be a part of the normal Christian life, too? As we lead up to Easter Sunday, join us for the next several weeks as we hear God speak in this portion of Scripture about the temptation, sin, identity, and life in Christ. 

Esther - The Hiddenness of God and Presence of Faith

Photo by seriykotik1970 / CC BY

Photo by seriykotik1970 / CC BY

"Where is God in all of this?" "If God is in control of circumstances, what is my responsibility?" "How do I know God is at work?" These are high stakes questions that challenge Christians as we make our way by faith in this world. The book of Esther is a story about God's people having to sort this out. Interestingly enough, in a book all about the providence of God, the name "God" - the word "God" - does not appear once. God does not speak even once. Why? Come find out as we spend the next few weeks together in Esther.