Philippians: Orthodoxy Found in Paradox


In our current series, we are walking through Paul's letter to the Philippians, and in it, we find the beauty of Christ and the majesty of following him through a series of paradoxes:

Christ is exalted through his self-emptying action.

We are called to greatness through service.

Christian discipleship and practice a diligent rest.

Joy is often found in suffering.

The certainty of Christ's work and the peace he gives, propels us into a lifelong struggle in ever-deepening maturity.


Daniel & Lent

Leaving Ecclesiastes, we're headed into the Book of Daniel. Part narrative, part Stanley Kubrick dream sequence, Daniel teaches us to live faithfully in the world under the faithfulness of God. Ecclesiastes described and commended wisdom to us; Daniel takes us by the hand to see that wisdom lived out. As we go through the book, we will certainly see faithfulness exemplified, but our need for God's redemption & rescue will take center stage.

The narrative portions of Daniel will lead us through the bulk of Lent on our way to celebrate the resurrection at Easter. And, while our focus will not be Lenten reflection, the two pair nicely. As Lent gives us a chance to pull back the veil on our own thoughts, habits, and motivations, and Daniel will repeatedly pull back the veil to show us God's activity in ruling and caring for his people and his world. 

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